FAQs on Member Services


If my loan becomes delinquent, when will I receive a late notice?

You would receive your first late notice the week following the missed payment.


How much is the late charge for a delinquent payment, and is there a grace period on my loan before I would be charged a late fee?

A late charge of 5% of the loan payment due or $20, whichever is greater, will be charged for payments that are more that 14 days past due.


If I am having financial difficulty & need to work out a payment plan for my loans, how do I go about doing that?

You would need to write us a letter explaining your financial hardship, and then we can go over your account to see if payments can be modified.


My VISA payment is always late, because I forget to mail it or pay in person. Is there a way to make payment through payroll deduction?

Yes, you can set up your deductions to include payments to your VISA.


Can I pay my delinquent loan with a credit card over the phone?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer that service.



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