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How to Join?

To become a member, all you need is:

  • $25 deposit (individual account)
  • $50 deposit (joint account)
  • Two forms of ID (one with picture)
  • Proof of Employment (Paystub or Job ID)

Who Can Join?*

Employees of any of our Selected Employee Groups below (SEG), their spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, and household members, (living as single economic unit) can be members. Once you become a member, you remain a member, no matter where you may later live or work, as long as your account is not closed.

Select Employee Groups

  • Employees of the State of New York who work at:
    1. Rockland State Hospital in Orangeburg, NY
      1. Cook Chill
      2. Rockland Hospital Guild
      3. Nathan Kline Institute
    2. Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Hospital in Orangeburg, NY
    3. Hudson Valley Developmental Disabilities Service Office, Thiells, NY
    4. Employees Westchester Developmental Disabilities Service Office who work in or are paid from Tarrytown, NY
  • New York State Thruway Authority, Albany, NY
  • Employees of Rockland County who work in or are paid from New City, NY
  • Employees of Rockland Community College who work in Suffern, NY
  • Employees and elected officials of the Town of Orangetown
  • Employees of the Town of Haverstraw, NY
  • Employees of the Town of Stony Point who work in, or are paid or supervised from Stony Point, NY
  • Town of Clarkstown, New City, NY
  • Town of Ramapo, Suffern, NY
  • Employees of the Village of Nyack Housing Authority who work in Nyack, NY
  • Employees of the Village of South Nyack who work in South Nyack, NY
  • Employees of the Village of Spring Valley, NY who work in, or are paid or supervised from Spring Valley, NY
  • Employees of the Village of Haverstraw, NY
  • Employees and elected officials of the Village of Piermont, NY
School District
  • East Ramapo Central School District, Spring Valley, NY
    1. Employees of Chestnut Ridge Middle School
    2. Employees of the Early Childhood Center
    3. Employees of the Eldorado Elementary School
    4. Employees of the Elmwood Elementary School
    5. Employees of the Fleetwood Elementary School
    6. Employees of the Grandview Elementary School
    7. Employees of the Hempstead Elementary School
    8. Employees of the Kakiat STEAM Academy
    9. Employees of the Lime Kiln Elementary School
    10. Employees of the Pomona Middle School
    11. Employees of the Ramapo High School
    12. Employees of the Spring Valley High School
    13. Employees of the Summit Park Elementary School
  • Nanuet Union Free School District, Nanuet, NY
    1. W. Miller Elementary School
    2. Highview Elementary School
    3. 5-6 Academy for Excellence
    4. Mcarthur Barr Middle School
    5. Nanuet Senior High School
  • Employees of Rockland Boces who work in West Nyack, NY
Affiliation Or Service Organization
  • Employees of the Mental Health Association of Rockland County, Inc. who work in Valley Cottage
  • Employees of the Empowerment Center who work in Orangeburg, NY
  • Members of the Tappan Zee Square Club/Brothers on the Level, in New City, NY
  • West Street Child Care Learning Center, Inc. in Spring Valley, NY
  • RPEA (Retired Public Employees Association), Albany, NY
  • Headstart of Rockland, NY
  • Employees of Camp Venture who work in, or are paid or supervised from Nanuet, NY
  • Employees of Broadacres Golf Club who work in Orangeburg, NY
  • Employees of Interaction Child Care who work in New City, NY
Religious Organizations
  • Employees and members of St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church of Rockland in West Nyack, NY
  • Members of the Fairmount Baptist Church located in Haverstraw, NY
  • Employees of the Seventh Day Sabbath Church of God in Spring Valley, NY
  • Employees of Finkelstein Memorial Library, Spring Valley, NY
Private Businesses
  • Elite Culinary Services, West Haverstraw, NY
  • Employees of The Jan & Niles Davies Learning Center who work in West Haverstraw, NY
  • Employees of Constant Building Service, Inc. who work in Pearl River, NY
  • Instrumentation Labs, Orangeburg, NY
  • Pine Valley Rehabilitation Center, Inc. Spring Valley, NY
  • Innovative Plastics, Orangeburg, NY
  • Employees of Chestnut Ridge Transportation who work in or are headquartered in Spring Valley, NY

*Also included are spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this credit union, employees of this credit union, persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment, members of their immediate family or household, organizations of such persons, and corporate or other legal entities in this charter.