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At Rockland Employees Federal Credit Union, we understand that there are times you need a little extra cash for a special occasion or an unforeseen expense. That’s why we’re offering Skip-A-Payment.

Yes! I would like to skip my December 2023 loan payment(s).

I understand a non-refundable processing fee of $20 will be assessed for the 1st loan I request to skip and $10 for each loan thereafter. This fee is applicable even if my request is denied. I have carefully reviewed and understand the restrictions listed below.* I understand all terms and conditions of my original loan agreement still apply and that the interest will still accrue on the unpaid balance at my contract rate and that I must be a member in good standing.

I will resume making the regularly scheduled loan payment with the first payment due in January 2024. Interest will continue to accrue on the skipped payment(s) and no late charge or penalty will be assessed. This election will result in an extension of the loan maturity date, the number of total payments and the total interest on the loan.


*Restrictions: Skip-A-Payment does not apply to first mortgages, home equity loans, Birthday, Loyalty, Emergency, Cash in a Flash loans or credit cards. The loan account must be current and in good standing to apply. A processing fee of $20 will be assessed for for the 1st loan and $10 for each loan therafter that a Skip-A-Payment is requested. The fee will be deducted from your checking account (or share account if funds are not available in your checking). Your request will not be processed if funds for the processing fee are not available.

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